Cape Cod Kennel Dog Boarding vs Pet Sitting

comfortable dogCape Cod offers many pet care choices for dog and cat owners who must leave their beloved animals behind while they travel. Many local pet owners first consider a Cape Cod kennel. But there are more choices than ever now when considering the well being of your pets. This article will explain several factors for pet owners to consider when making arrangements for the comfort and safety of their dogs and cats. The topics of diet and exercise will be addressed, along with tips to help your pets avoid separation anxiety and stress that goes along with travel plans when we leave our animals behind. Hopefully this article will provide you with the information you need to choose between a Cape Cod kennel and using a Cape Cod pet sitter.

Leaving Cape Cod on Vacation?

Your pets always depend on you for comfort and care, even when you are traveling. So when you leave Cape Cod on your next trip, you should consider hiring someone you trust. Simply having a friend or neighbor watch your pets can prove disastrous. They probably do not possess the experience or have enough time to properly care for your pets, especially during long trips or vacations. If a vet visit is required that may cause a strain too. The two most popular choices are Cape Cod kennels and Cape Cod pet sitting.

Cape Cod Kennels

typical kennel
Boarding at a Cape Cod kennel will avoid the stress of a long trip in the car or airplane. It can allow your animals to stay where they are welcome and usually you can pay an extra fee to receive playtime and exercise. Your pets will be fed and cared for while you travel. The kennel will monitor your dog along with many other dogs in a dormitory style setting. Cats are usually stacked in crates. If there is a detectable health problem the kennel will call a vet. Some kennels have veterinarians on premises. Security is normally a top concern at kennels. They are designed to thwart any escape attempts by confining your pets in a cage. When you arrive from your trip, you usually have a small window of opportunity to pick up your pets.

Potential drawbacks to using a Cape Cod kennel include:

  • Kennels can add to stress and anxiety because your animals will be in an unfamiliar environment.
  • Your pets will be surrounded by unfamiliar dogs, people and scents.
  • Some pets may even be exposed to the health problems of other animals such as kennel cough.
  • If you have animals such as birds, reptiles or other exotic animals it is unlikely that any kennel will take them.
  • Your dogs and cats may not be on their regular diet, which can cause digestive problems.

Cape Cod Pet Sitting from CapeK9Cardio

CapeK9Cardio is a professional pet sitting and dog walking company that offers many advantages over traditional dog boarding and kennels. This premium service is more expensive than a kennel, but involves much more human interaction with your pet. Also, for multiple pet families pet sitting can actually be more cost effective.

Pet Sitting Benefits

  • Your pets will all receive love and attention each day, several times per day.
  • Your animals will avoid the extra stress involved with traveling.
  • Your dogs and cats are comfortable in the environment they know best – HOME!
  • Your animals will be on their regular diet, eating only their food and treats.
  • Dog walks or runs everyday are included!
  • No risk of exposure to disease or other animals in a strange and unfamiliar place.
  • Avoid the inconvenience of picking up your dog after a long trip.

Pet Owner Benefits

Cape Cod Pet Sitting

  • Your friends and neighbors will not be burdened by your pets.
  • You will have complete peace of mind knowing your animals are just a phone call away, being well cared for by a professional.
  • Your home will have a lived in appearance. An added FREE security benefit.
  • Mail and newspaper retrieval, watering of plants, alternating blinds and lighting and more – we do a lot more than just care for animals and we tabulate it all on a checklist.
  • When you arrive home, your pets will be there to welcome you. No hassle of trying to pick them up and no risk of being late to get them.

Visit our pet sitting website for a complete list of rates and services. We will come to your home and answer any questions during our free pet consultation.
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