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Since Yelp filters dog walking reviews Cape Cod for CapeK9Cardio, we thought we’d give you a clearer view of CapeK9Cardio dog walking services. Below are the filtered reviews of CapeK9Cardio from some of our clients. Many companies are frustrated with Yelp’s filtering of reviews. There is a huge group of businesses that are “Proud to be Hated on Yelp”.

Cape K9 Cardio would just like you to see all the reviews. If you have any doubt about the type of care you will receive just ask our clients who have used us for a long time. Not just one client who used us two times and became upset with us when his dog bit our walker.

Dog Walking Reviews Cape Cod Yelp Filtered

CapeK9Cardio has been walking our young Labrador retriever for almost a year. They have been wonderful. Very professional, responsible, always responsive, and very communicative. They have also been a great help in training our young dog, as she was very young, full of energy, and still learning how to contain her energy (at times) when we first called Cape K9 Cardio. They have also worked with us when our dog has had any medical issues (limited activity, etc.). I have full confidence in Capek9cardo and highly recommend them. Our pets are part of our family and I have complete trust in Capek9Cardio.
Jane D.

Review CapeK9Cardio Cape Cod Cat Sitting

Capek9Cardio has provided cat sitting services in North Falmouth for our 3 cats for several years. They are exceptionally professional and responsible. During this time we have had a very sick cat, and a new kitten both with particular needs and they have been consistently attentive and invested in caring for both, as well as the unique needs of the other two cats as well. Cats can be very demanding in this regard, and CapeK9Cardio personal are generous and willing to do what best suits each cat. They communicate regularly with us when we are away for longer periods, including sending pictures. Most importantly, they never hesitate to call if there is a question or concern about one of the cats well-being. They provide detailed reports of each visit, and are available to extend care if we are delayed getting home. They are readily available and highly reliable. I have recommended Capek9Cardio to all my friends.
Vicki P.
Boston, MA

Review CapeK9Cardio Pet Sitting

CapeK9Cardio is an organized Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Company -by R. Walsh.
Cape K9 Cardio is a very organized, professional company. My personal experience with them has been very beneficial to me and my dog. The staff is polite, kind and professional. My dog gets some great excerise and I get peace of mind, knowing that she is in great hands. I have also used their pet sitting services when I have had to travel, and I felt so confident in the care that my dog & cats were getting. Much better than dropping the dog off somewhere, she got to stay in the comfort of her own surroundings. Plus I loved reading all of the notes on the service, they were great. Thanks again!
Cape Cod B.
Falmouth, MA