Cape Cod Dog of the Month – Hunter

Marathon Dog         

2008 Cape Cod Marathon Dog

November’s Client of the month is my Jack Russell Terrier – Hunter. He ran the Cape Cod Marathon (CCM) with me in October and he inspired me to start a Dog Exercise and Pet Sitting business on Cape Cod.

Hunter’s devotion as a running partner is amazing. He gets very excited any time I lace up my sneakers. We have run several hundred miles together, and this year I decided to reward him for all of his dedication to the sport of running by taking him along with me in the ultimate athletic event – The Marathon!

The race was amazing. Hunter and I were met with cheers all along the beautiful 26.2 mile Falmouth course, by enthusiastic chanting spectators who knew his name from the Cape Cod Times newspaper article. See more marathon pictures on the Cape Cod Marathon Official Site.

Many runners who heard Hunter’s panting told me they thought a runner must be in trouble. They were very surprised to see it was actually a panting dog. Many asked how many miles he was running, as no one had ever heard of a dog completing a marathon. One runner commented on how he must be the perfect running partner, never complaining or asking how many miles are left and always happy to run.

As we approached the turn to the finish line the huge show of support and cheers motivated us to sprint. We completed what proved to be a difficult race for me in just over 4 hours. Hunter crossed the finish line exactly one Jack Russell length ahead of me and earned a finishing medal. He was 1st in his class! Although I finished 10 minutes slower than last year, I wouldn’t trade the experience for a BQ (Boston Marathon Qualifying time)!

Disclaimer: Hunter followed an 18 week running training plan that not all dogs could do. Hunter is an exceptional Parson JRT with long legs and perfect bio-mechanics for running. He has been running with me for years – and loves it! A slow progression in training allowed his body to adapt to added miles by following a training plan. During our marathon training we trained 5 – 6 times per week. We slowly and incrementally built up our distance and “base miles”. At the end of each week we did a long run, which started in week one as a 5 miler and peaked in week 17 at 22 miles.