Dog Running Services

Why Dog Running

Our dog running services provide a more demanding workout than dog walks. Running is usually suitable for dogs over one-year-old and for dogs who are in good physical condition. Dog running will expend more energy than any walk could provide. Dog running burns more calories and energy than any other form of exercise. A thirty-minute run can expend the same energy as a 2 1/2 hour walk! Choose from 30 or 45-minute dog running sessions.

Exercise is the most important aspect of a dog’s daily routine. Dog running provides a purpose for dogs and relieves mental stress and boredom. We will help your dog with a targeted form of exercise.

Jason Michaud, Owner

Benefits of Dog Running

Your dog will return home relaxed and happy! Our Dog Runners will work to train your dog in a fitness plan that will ensure your dog meets your fitness goals. Whether your goal is to have your dog reduce fat, lose weight, burn calories, expend energy, stay in shape, relieve boredom or become a more social dog (group runs), our programs are tailored to match your goals. Here are just some of the benefits you and your dog will receive from a regular dog running program with CapeK9Cardio:

K9Cardio Dog Running Service

  • Exercise is the key to having a balanced dog
  • Exercise provides structure and gives your dog a job
  • Dog running provides psychological benefits for your dog
  • Dogs who run regularly are healthier and usually have fewer illnesses resulting in a longer living pet
  • Dogs who participate in a regular running exercise program have a happy demeanor
  • Calm and submissive attitudes are a positive side effect of a regular dog running program
  • Dogs who run with other dogs belong to a pack and become more social